Brian O’Doherty Principal, St.Patricks ns Bray Co.Wicklow

“In January 2013, our school made the decision to outsource the onerous responsibility of payroll to Smart School Systems. It was, without question, the best administrative decision taken in the school all year. The service provided is most professional with all queries being dealt with promptly and efficiently. Payslips are generated and emailed to the school and P30 returns to the Collector General are made on the school’s behalf. The service also caters for the payments due to teachers from the supervision grant. We no longer have the headache of calculating USC, employer’s PSRI, etc. Best of all is the value for money as the service cost is more or less what it would cost a school to buy a relevant software package and then you would still have to do all the work yourself. In short, I have no hesitation in strongly recommending the service to schools – in the context of busy and over-burdened schools, it’s one less thing to stress about.” Brian O’Doherty Principal, St.Patricks ns Bray Co.Wicklow

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