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Practical Accounting for Principals and Boards of Management

SchoolAccounting eases the burden of managing school finances with a range of financial solutions designed specifically for Irish primary schools. Principals and Boards of Management can access detailed information online such as income, expenditure and grant balances at a click of a button anytime.  Reports for Board of Management Meetings can be created in seconds.

Best of all, you do not need a knowledge of accountancy to use the system, inputting information is very easy. Our team will provide you with a short tutorial before you begin and are always on hand to offer support. In addition to SchoolAccounting, schools can also avail of our outsource services including: payroll (for ancillary and temporary staff), RCT payments, VAT returns, end of year certifications and audits – meaning we do this work for you!

Hundreds of Irish primary schools are already using our products. Why not give us a call today for a free demo?

Simple To Use

You don’t need an accountancy degree to use! The system is purposely designed to be completely user-friendly. Training will be provided and ongoing support from our dedicated team is available to resolve any queries you may have.

We Listen To Our Customers

Feedback from our valued customers is very important to us in our mission to continue innovating and seeking out solutions to any challenges that arise. We will always strive to make work in the most effective way possible for your school.


1Do we need to purchase or install any software?

No. is an online system, so no software needs to be installed. All you need is access to the internet with Internet Explorer 7 or higher or other modern browsers. Ongoing upgrades and developments to the system will happen seamlessly to ensure is always the best accounting system for Irish schools – as your needs grow, we will grow with you.

2Is difficult to use? is designed to be really easy to use. If you are able to use any basic computer programme, you will have no difficulty using

3Is training and ongoing support available?

The friendly and experienced team at provide training and ongoing support . We will provide individual training for Principal/Secretary/Treasurer to get started using the system. Training and support is customised to your school and is provided throughout the year.

4What benefits will I see from using SchoolAccounting?

The key benefit of using is having the most up-to-date reporting on the financial status of your school at the click of a button - what is left in capitation or ancillary grants at any time - how much is left in each grant improves the overall management of finance in your school and also saving on your valuable time.

5How safe is my school’s financial data?

Your school’s financial data is held on a secure server which is backed up daily. All school accounts are password protected.

6How can I learn more?

Call us on 061 293573 or e-mail us at for more information

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